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Infinite stuck on specific part Lua. get's relocated on same spot in the middle of the road which trigger out of map sequence as infinite loop.


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Mission: Lua : Tycho: Kuva lich territory lvl 55-75 survival
I got stuck in an infinite loop where iwas on the middle of the road but it triggered as if i was getting out of the map.
My relocation position was also on the same spot so i got almost infinite black screen cuz of the constant relocations o nthe same spot that is glitched.
The spot was on the middle of the road
after dying and ressurecting the effect resumed again as infinite

i most likely dont do this the right way since its my first bug upload i forgot to put f6 screenshot (sued windows screenshot) so i uploaded it with imgur isntead.
The screenshot is barely visible (because my screen was black 95% of the time) so you have to figure it out from the map where the bug is located.




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