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Puppeteer warframe


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heirs an idea

a puppeteer warframe, like a warframe the can control enemies -

Warframe name: puppeteer

Ability 1: the friends - the warframe can make 3-6 puppets to fight along side them -drains 50-

Ability 2 : grab - sends a wave of hatred that steals enemies souls and turns them to energy -drans 25-

Ability 3 : shatter - screams loud enough to shatter glass  and enemies within a 10m radios  gets shatters to peaces.

Ability 4 :mind control - controls the minds of any enemies in a 7m radios, makes the controlled enemies fight along with the tenno

Armor- 150

Shield-200 (325  rank 30)

Heath- 200 ( 300 rank 30)

energy- 125 (250 rank 30)

sprint speed- 1.05

this warframe can be found on lua by killing a boss (a sentient based boss)

Chassis- 1 forma - 1250 polymer- 15k credits-  1 wisp chassis-

Neuroptics-  4000 Oxium-  15k credits- 400 hexanon- 1 wisp neurotics

system- wisp system- 2500 rubedo- 1500 plastids- 15k credits

Passive- 25% chance to glass enemies on contact  

Parts can be found on lua by killing a new boss that is a sentient and blueprint can be bought.

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