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Deadlock Protocol, Massive Glitch


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I've had this happen about 6 times tonight, each time preventing completion of the Deadlock Protocol quest. Essentially, upon depleting Protea's final health bar, she spawns a large sphere in addition to her afterimages while preparing to rewind time. Using the charged Xoris to interrupt this ability causes the game to, for whatever reason, bug out and spawn a massive amount of overlapping visual effects - this causes the player 'frame to render at less than 1 FPS (although the game stays steady at 30 for me at least), Protea to regain all of her shield but otherwise cease to be interactable at all, and the quest state fails to update. For whatever reason, the Errant Spectres still animate and behave completely normally, and given enough time will kill the player character who cannot really react - even moving a few feet is incredibly difficult.

I'm going to try and capture footage of this because it's kind of hard to explain, but the game is clearly generating way too many visual effects - you can hear the overlapping sounds from all of them as well.

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