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Bonewidow losing exalted weapon functionality + "Corn mode"


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Hello, while playing the bonewidow mech it often loses functionality on her 4th ability for the entire session, destroying it or recalling it doesnt fix the problem, also, the mech has an increased chance compare to voidrig to go into "corn mode" when youre not the host, missing half of her body meshes and showing only the pod part of the mech and the archgun. this is a gamebreaker issue if we keep in mind that her exalted melee is her main feature, and the "corn mode" thing has gone for a while now since the release of voidrig, hope this get some attention, thanks.


Edit: after some more testing, i realized that if you keep casting the 4th ability, eventually works, but once it runs out of energy or you turn it off, it will bug again

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