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Entire character freezes under set circumstances:


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So when I'm fishing in Deimos, trying to find a Spinal Sector Core, I would also spear the collectible thingies since they get destroyed by literally anything in one hit, fishing spear included. And I didn't want to use my melee, because the animation wouldn't always hit the item, and I would have to select the same spear again every time I use a melee to collect something. So while I was doing that, the first time: the item I speared didn't disappear until I hit it twice, and my animation froze. Allowing me to do everything but have the same paused look (I went into my Archwing launcher to fix that), but then the SECOND time it happened, the item again didn't disappear, and everything of me froze. The only thing I could do was text and go to menu, nothing else. I had to abort mission to be able to move again. Is this an already known problem?


EDIT: I should note the unstuck command did not work

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