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Invincible MITOSID


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This is the second time I play DEIMOS: ARCANA new mission.

2 times with more than 2 bugs. And they all made the mission impossible to complete.

Why am I not surprised? Tell me please.

Due to my lousy English I don't know how to describe the first bug.But I believe you've heard it enough from other players.

The 2nd major bug I met today is exactly the title above:Invincible MITOSID.

There's a mission at the last MITOSID spawn as mission target.

I used Neckos to start the mission.

When I fought MITOSID,my 1st skill didn't work on it.

But somehow when it split in 2,they became friendly force forever and I couldn't do any damage to them.

They fought other monsters and can be hurt or killed by them.

When there was only one half MITOSID left.

Because there's no other monster left.I went away hope to find some to kill it.

But when I came back it disappeared,this made the mission impossible to complete.

I won't say fix it please, do what you want to do DE.

Hope something changes before I got disappointed enough.



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