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Thinkings about Equinox and her Duality


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Straightly, I'm a crazy fan of Equinox and her Duality. Equinox and Equinox Prime are my mostly used warframes, just because of the Duality, which brought me a lot of fun. However, after long time of playing, I found you guys weaken it time and time again. First you lowered the accuracy of the duality, which was disgusting but relatively acceptable. Then I found the other part always reload twice without shooting out all the bullets in the magazine. This is unacceptable and I've reported many times. What the hell is this? Even with the full ability duration,the other part of  the Duality only exists 30 seconds. When carrying those weapons who has a big magazine with a long reloading time, that's catastrophic. Most time of it's existence would be wasted on reloading twice which may take almost 1/3 of the 30 seconds! Now I found that when the other part isn't in the sight, its fire rate will slow down which means fire rate Mods doesn't work! It suuuuuuucks! When I deploy the Duality then the other part always run around and sometimes I can't catch it in my sight, so I have to accept its slowered fire rate ? Absolutely NO. You'd better withdraw this change which make me ANGRY.

Is taking away player's fun good for this game's development? You'd rather do this instead of fixing the bugs of the test server! Look at this game now, I see its players losing day by day just because of your attitude. Since the Ancient Blood version, Warframe had lost it's way. Why don't you put your efforts into investigating what we players really want and polishing your new content, or EVEN JUST FIXING THOSE DISGUSTING BUGS OF THE TEST SERVER to avoid their appearance after the update? I didn't see you fixed even one bug of the test server.

I've played this game for more than 3 years , over 3000 hours of personal profile. After seeing what you have done in the recent year, I got really tired, both mentally and physically. Warframe is a time costing game, and it's quite hard for those players like me to squeeze out some free time after work or study. I've spent a lot of time and energy on this game, and I did get power and happiness from this game which helped me through many hard times. Till now, I still love that song, We all lift together of the Fortuna, because it really touches my heart. It's the deep love of this game that makes me so upset.

Come on, guys! Cheer up, and regain your old glory! Prove that you can do it! 

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