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Dual wielding Orvius unique feature broken


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Dual Wielding mode: Ever since the thrown melee changes the "the unique ability to suspend foes in midair on throwing the glaive"only while holding .10 of a sec or less the glaive will suspend an enemy in air, full charge, initial charge and half charge and it will just throw the disc out now.  Since it came out you used to be able to charge it until orvius reticle turns blue then you release enemy gets suspended.. it does not do that nor glow blue anymore.

(its very clunky and makes the sole purpose of that weapon useless now) it was a special glaive, now its just a glaive with a broken feature.


Any status effects on enemies like the enemy being put to sleep like baruuk's Lull/Equinox Rest or any other ability affecting enemies such as nidus larva when it grabs enemies and are bunched up in a ball, the orvius disc will no longer grab and suspend in the air, now it just throws the disc out like a regular glaive.

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