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Wisp Passive Active While on Ground? Enemies Will Not Attack, Only Pathfind / Animate


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Preface: i have not seen this reported after searching for a bit. However i don't use the forums often so perhaps search isn't the best method (it returned 0 results for "enemies will not shoot").

  • TYPE: In-Game, gameplay, AI
  • DESCRIPTION: Was playing Wisp/Rubico Prime/Kuva Nukor/Xoris/Carrier Prime. Joined a match on Apollo Lua. Might have spawned-in in mid-air. I soon found that while the enemies would pathfind to me they would NOT ever shoot or melee. Just animate like they were shooting next to me. Other squad members saw the same. The ping to host felt quite high or unstable. My internet is quite stable (20ms ping to Dallas, 10Mbps up and 100Mbps down)
  • VISUAL: Sadly i didn't get any video or screenshots of the event. Geforce Experience was recording but i didn't hit Alt F10 (to save the file).
  • REPRODUCTION: Unknown. I have seen similar behavior when joining a very high-ping game on the same tileset. However i was using Loki and not Wisp at the time. And the enemies didn't pathfind to the objective to attack it NOR pathfind to me. They walked around in alerted animations and did firing animations. My only guess is unstable / high ping connection to host and joining game late will flip a boolean for whether the enemies should attack you. E.g. if i was in air they would start shooting again as Wisp, or if i went invisible they would attempt to target me again.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: The enemies should have shot at me.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: They did not shoot at me.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: I've been playing since 2014 and have not seen a bug like this until this year. Very rare i would say.
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