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Hildryn Balefire Charger can duplicate pistols in rescue missions


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I've found this while doing solo rescues for Nora and took some time to investigate more and nail down reproduction steps.

TLDR: Hildryn can give her pistol loadout to the rescue target and manage to keep and still use it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get your Hildryn, make sure your loadout includes a pistol.
  2. Go into any rescue mission (tested in lich, nightmare and normal versions).
  3. Rescue the target and give him you pistol so he can defend himself.
  4. Activate Balefire Charger then deactivate it. You will be left without a weapon equipped instead of going back to your primary or melee.
  5. Pop into operator mode and back inside your Hildryn.
  6. Now both you and the rescue target have an usable pistol.




  • I've tried to make it work with Mesa too but to no avail, when you deactivate Regulators you go back to your primary or melee, wichever you were previously using.
  • Havent tested with Titania.
  • Havent tested with incursion/arbitration defense objectives.




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