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Juvenile Predasite incorrectly proportioned in Equip view


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DESCRIPTION: After breeding a new predasite using the Incubator, the resultant juvenile displays properly when roaming the Orbiter or viewed in the Incubator, but displays incorrectly when viewed in the Equip screen from the Arsenal.

EXPECTED RESULT: Adorable babby predasiteRy7wS8N.jpg

OBSERVED RESULT: Upon selecting the juvenile in the Equip view of the Arsenal, it is instead shown with the head and body musculature of an adult predasite scaled to puppy size, resulting in a somewhat disturbingly-proportioned musclebaby predasite.mcxsThA.jpeg

REPRODUCTION RATE: 48 hours per predasite, or 24 hours with the upgrade segment. </joke> (I've only bred one predasite so far, but will update this post upon subsequent tests.)

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