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Railjack Mission Doors Not Opening


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So I've been doing some solo railjack missions. I get through the huge ammount of enemy ships. Destroy all of the crewships. Disable the ship destroyer or whatever that is. And then I have the last away sabotage. I get in the base. Expose the 1st reactor. Get out in archwing and destroy it. Back in and expose the 2nd reactor. Get out and destroy it again.

Now comes the juicy part...

When you get back in and get the marker for the last console to hack. You get stuck on doors that will not open :) And the only way to get out is aborting the mission and loosing all of you progress.

I get it when things sometimes don't work, but from what I found on the internet, this has been here for quite a while now...

Oh and it also happened 3 times in a row now so Im kinda sick of doing anything at this point.

Thanks I guess

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