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Playstation trophy synchronisation bug


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Hi there,

since to your new update in synching all trophies on ps5 which you have already gotten on ps4, I did this:

I played on ps4 and achieved the trophy for the vent kids reputation. Then I switched to ps5 to make it pop there too. It didnt and now its Impossible to achieve anymore. And now even on PS4 in the menu "Profile/My Profile/Trophies" it says the trophy is "in progress" and hasnt popped yet but I have max rank 5 on vent kids. I got Screenshots If you need.

Maybe there should be just an additional check when a reputation is on max level to make it pop, e.g. when reputation is earned or spent.

This bug can occur on any other reputation trophy as well I guess. If you have any questions, I like to help

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