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Ivara will not release the Artemis Bow/Be able to shoot or attack while an arrow is in flight while using Quiver.


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This won't allow her to shoot at all, so this isn't just an animation issue. Tried it in simulacrum, the plains, and in a mission. (Less of an issue in mission since I guess there's a smaller skybox or something.)

And while I'm at it, could you guys consider removing Ivara 'reloading' her bow while using Quiver? Since you can't fire until the bow disappears, which happens after the arbitrary reload. I don't know if it's a bug or not, since the reload speed does seem affected by natural talent, but. Still, seems unintended.


Edit: Just for clarity, when I say shoot, I mean shooting your primary or secondary.

Also, the (possibly arbitrary?) reloading animation when using Quiver occurs even I say, shoot the ground to make the launched Arrow despawn immediately. 

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