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Gravekeepers Order - First Attempt At Fanfiction


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Been working on this for a bit, and I thought I'd post what I've written so far to get some feedback. I'm not entirely sure where this is going, but I've got some ideas for future chapters, if people are interested in more.



Gravekeepers Order

The Orthos spun in his hands, cleaving the Infested in front of him. Spinning clockwise, the other end of the bladed staff found another target, the Leaper’s charge interrupted by the blade. Spinning around, the Tenno found no other enemies and slung his Orthos back, checking his objective once again. A routine mission to an infested Corpus ship to recover data, something he’d done plenty of times. He’d found all but one datamass by now, with the last one within reach. Quickly hacking the console and releasing the datamass, the Tenno’s thoughts turned to his other goals – Acquiring new weapons, exploring new areas and bringing swift death to the Lotus’ enemies. The Ash hummed to himself, a habit he’d recently sported after another mission like this – He’d peeked at some of the data and found an old recording of a tune, clearly intent for battle. Some Tenno viewed the Ash warframe as a stealth platform, but not he. Ash, to him, symbolized the remains of his enemies after being consumed by the fires of war, a calling he fully embraced. Stealth was a viable path in combat, but swift action was more often needed along with devastating firepower and plenty strength, both things the frame granted him plenty of. Seeing a glimmer of movement out of his eye, the warframe almost hummed with anticipation as he mentally commanded it to annihilate his enemy. In response, the frame threw out a small blade which quickly found its target, forever silencing the Infected. However, the sounds of many more came from the corridor behind its corpse, along with the roars of the ancients in the heart of the ship. With practised movements, he began sprinting towards where he knew his ship would be waiting, ready to take him away from this place of rot and corruption.


A few moments later, his HUD showed him what he wanted. His ship, which’d carried him since he’d come out of cryo, was ready. Quickly setting himself against the magnetic clamps and mentally keying the activation sequence, he felt his frame stiffen, locked in place by his ship. He always hated this moment, the one moment where he was exposed to the cold reach of space and in response breathed deep. His frame would protect him, yet this irrational fear always gnawed at him. Funny that he, who breathed and lived death itself, irrationally feared for his life in that one moment. The moment quickly passed, as the clamp assembly was pulled inside the ship, once again allowing him access to the one steady part of his life since he’d woken. He’d worked with many Tenno, met many Clans and visited the Conclaves to practise his deadly art, but only the interior of his ship had stayed constant. Quietly kneeling on the floor, he prepared himself for his next assignment. As if reading his mind, a familiar voice entered his head.


Tenno, you are called again.

Lotus He answered the voice what is needed of me?

A mission gone wrong – Cleanup. Tenno Dalen will meet you at designated area, Reldresal Phobos.

As is needed of me.


Cleanup - The other part of his life, the part that defined him more than anything. The Lotus needed to keep as much from the Grineer and Corpus as possible – Especially fallen Kin. Tenno were trained to care for the mission first, and a separate team would perform cleanup afterwards. Only certain Tenno were chosen for this duty, based on parameters that could only be guessed at. He had been on his first cleanup not long after having woken from cryo and had been called in frequently – Sometimes to recover secured cryopods, sometimes to relieve other Tenno of hostages they’d rescued and at other times to clean an area of dead Kin and their frames. He keyed his ship towards Reldresal, eager to get the job done. He’d worked with Dalen before, a Tenno that defined “Calm”. Fittingly enough, Dalen’s frame of choice when they’d worked together had been a Frost, allowing the two to first advance on a position, and then do their work while being protected from enemies. All he knew apart from this about Dalen was that he lead a small Clan of Tenno and spent much of his downtime helping new Tenno.


Dalen waited patiently for his partner to show up. He’d been close by when the call from the Lotus had come and had come there after finishing the mission he’d been doing. There was no need to rush, since the Lotus had informed him his partner would take a while to get there. As he waited, he considered what he knew of his partner. No one knew his name, so some called him by his frame - Ash. Others, after having seen him in action, had given him the title Hound – A vicious attack dog that would not stop until his master said so. Many felt uneasy around Hound, as Daren knew him, as his vicious way of dealing with enemies frightened some Tenno, while others viewed him as arrogant, with his flashy way of fighting. Dalen himself thought of him as a capable warrior and a useful partner, since he always followed orders and did the deed efficiently. His ships system alerted him to a Tenno ship approaching, its signatures matching what was informally known as “The Wagon” among the Gravekeepers, a transport-focused variant of the standard Tenno ship. The Wagon was used by the cleanup crew to stow away potential loot from the Corpus and Grineer and this time it would be put to good use. A scan of the coordinates given by the Lotus gave a return from two damaged frames – A Volt, ID reading “Tyze” and a Banshee, ID’ed “Lin”. Two inexperienced Tenno in way over their head, it seemed. A second ping on his ships systems alerted him to Hound arriving close to Reldresal. They’d meet planet side to perform their duties as Gravekeepers, keepers of dead Kin among the Tenno.


The team advanced along the ruins, keeping a watch on possible enemy movement. The Grineer were not known for waiting in ambush, but recklessly forward would be a grave mistake. The two Tenno knew better than others how badly recklessness could end. Slowly advancing on the area marked by the Lotus, a scene of battle unfolded before them. Lancers, Troopers and several Seekers corpses were littered around the area, parts of their armor singed and cracked. In the middle of this scene, the two Kin they’d been sent for lay, the Banshee pierced by several holes with the Volt laying nearby. As the two Tenno walked towards their objective, a faint voice entered their minds.


Hee… Help heer…


The Volt on the ground twitched slightly, the frames occupant seemingly still alive. Dalen stood where he was, as his partner moved to the Volt’s side, his frames systems checking the damage on the Volt. Drain of all energy on the frame, multiple blunt trauma and several bullet hits. A miracle the occupant was still alive at this point. Seeing the Ash, the Volt seemingly struggled towards the Banshee, crawling towards her. Dalen shook his head. There was no way the Banshee would be alive, he could tell. Walking forward, he prepared to do his duty as a Gravekeeper and as a Tenno, fellow Kin to these lost Tenno. As both Dalen and Hound stood over the Volt, the occupant, Tyze, managed to crawl to the Banshee and laid his hand on her faceplate, retracting his as he did. Turning to the two Gravekeepers, a tear streaked face showed and nodded ever so slightly.


I… A static-filled cough flowed through the link I loved her… With a solemn nod from Dalen, Tyze relaxed, accepting what was happening. Both Keepers extended their hands, accessing the Volt systems and shutting it down, Tyze slowly drifting into his final sleep.


Li- The static noise droned out slowly as the fallen Tenno finally found rest, joining his beloved.

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