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Loss of Warframe functionality due to Transference back to it


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This bug exists since the release of The War Within,and it became far more common since the introduction of Sevagoth,we can now interact with 4 separate game entities (Sevagoth,Sevagoth's Shadow,Operator and Necramech).

This bug is exclusively for clients and seems related to network issues,bad connections due to high ping makes this bug far more common,however even with a good connection with the host this bug can still happen.

Transfering back to Warframes from Operators,Necramechs or even Sevagoth's Shadow back to Sevagoth can led to a total loss of its functionality,rendering the game unplayable.

The Warframe cannot cast or cycle through any ability,even Transference seems to be disabled pressing any ability and Transference hotkey wont even prompt its name.

The Warframe can still make basic movent like crouch,walking,running,jumping and bullet jumping but it is unable to do a roll - however the game ignores which direction your Warframe is facing and you can run and bullet jumping from weird camera angles,resulting in a "Moonwallking".

The Warframe seems to get an increased base movement speed and randomly ignore some damage and knockdowns at a very inconsistent rate.

The Warframe can still cycle through weapons but it cannot fire however you can still zoom in.

Gear Items and emotes can still be used

You can still access the game chat and freelly press ESC to navegate through game options.


Fixes in-game:

Respawing only (not fixed by "/ unstuck " ,falling out of bounds or being revived by a squadmate)

Quitting your current mission.



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