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WTB Cool looking Red Colored Liches

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Hi! I'm looking to purchase assorted neat looking Liches! Ideally they'd have masks, but if you think they look neat it doesn't matter!

They absolutely must be colored red though!

I'm trying to make a quirky Railjack Lich crew since I'm pretty certain we'll be able to give our Liches Railjack training soon, and I'd like to be prepared as a lover of Grineer.

Something like the one below would be exceptional, and I'm more than willing to pay top dollar for such Liches. Feel free to show me what you've got and I'll contact you ingame as soon as I can!


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this is the one I have with full mask and i have a few liches converted 

I'll not be ingame sometimes so u can just reply to this message so that I can know if u r buying it or not and please mention price for this lich 

this not console btw I'm just using contoller on pc so no need to worry 

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