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[BUG] Carnis mod set bonus not always preventing knockdown


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Apologies for not doing a properly comprehensive test, but while playing Infested Derelict survival I was able to be knocked down repeatedly over the course of the mission. (I'm still in mission as I write this, actually) I'm exclusively killing enemies with heavy melee, so the proc has 100% uptime. It does work a good portion of the time, but far from full immunity. My guess is roughly 2/3 of the time it works as expected and my frame will do a little hop instead of the knockdown. Other status effects like toxin seem to be properly ignored at least, so that's a plus.

I do have an F6 a screenshot for reference, but nowhere to upload it because I don't use the internet to its full capabilities. :)


Carnis Mod Set not fully knockdown immune

Limited testing

Toxin properly resisted

Yes, the proc is active when hit by knockdown

I don't make use of imgur

EDIT: Apparently toxin procs can get through, but it's just kinda rare. Also, my percentage estimate was probably off. 80-95% immune feels about right.

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