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Converted Kuva Lich Cannot Be Assigned On Call Roles on PC


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Update 30.3(05/25/2021) allows Converted Kuva Lich to be assigned On Call crewmates. I have Rank 9 Command and received the On Call Crew gear. When I try to assign my Converted Kuva Lich the On Call role I get this message, "Could not commit changes at this time, please try again later." Ok, so I tried logging out and back in and even waited 13 hours later and still the same message. I don't understand as I meet all the requirements and the update allows Converted Kuva Lich to be summoned. I see other players able to summon their Converted Kuva Lich or other hired crew members, so why can't I do it? What's up with that? 

Edit: Solved. I couldn't assign On Call to Converted Kuva Lich because I needed to hire a crew member from Ticker FIRST. After Hiring a crew member, it allowed me to assigned my Kuva Lich for On Call. I'm assuming you needed a minimum of 1 crew member other than Kuva Lich in order to assign On Call for them. Weird. 

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