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Clan recruiting for a real team

(XBOX)SSJ Dr Tweak

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Most co-op elite clan on Xbox.
Elite not as in being douchy and mean to each other and judging people on end game content, Elite as in we farm for and earn everything not just in Warframe but we have multiple games on our roster where we farm for things and earn them and don't get caught up in loot boxes or pay to win or hacking. Elite earners and grinders. 
Rank 11 dojo so actully 100%  
So active don't need an alliance.
Multi-game clan.
All MR welcome cuz we actully party up to help & teach. We're not one of the clans that has a MR prerequisite cuz they don't want to take the time to teach and help people. We were all new at one point so not sure why all the hate. 
Message if you're interested, we'd love to have more teammates 

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