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[PC] LF for fun active clan


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Hi VishRPG

I am part of a large gaming clan called The Art of Warfare. We play a tonne of different games, and I have been tasked with bringing Warframe into that collection. I am building this from the ground up, but if you wanted to be a part of that, please add me - uberjambo mr 29 in game.

If you wanted to see what we do at TAW, take a look our website here https://taw.net/

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looking for some more members....

  • New Players Welcome.
  • Guides.
  • Discord Mandatory.
  • 21D AFK.
  • Giveaways.

We are a new clan and really looking for more members to come interact with us, most research is done.

If you're interested in joining and being apart of our community, either reply in here or message me on discord Ellixsu#5574

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