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Gem Trading Bug: Can't Trade Single Gems for Syndicate Standing


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Platform:  Windows 10 Home (64-bit, build 19403) via Steam (Built: Sep 13, 2021; API: v020; Package Version: 1631572918)

Sorry if I've put this in the wrong place: I'm still very new to Warframe and wasn't sure which category this should go in. I didn't find this issue in the forum, but please let me know if it's already been addressed.


I've recently started mining for gems, but cannot trade anything I own in a single quantity for Syndicate Standing. I can trade items that I own multiples of, but single quantities cannot be traded for standing.

I tried trading gems for standing (both with Smokefinger in Fortuna, and Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus), and found the following bug whenever I'm in the Trade-For-Standing screen:

    If I own a single copy of a gem, when I left click on that gem, nothing happens. I cannot "add it to my pile" to trade for standing.

    If I own multiple copies of a gem, when I left click, the "how many do you want to select" dialogue box comes up, and I can select as many as I want, and they go to my pile (i.e. no problems).

    In Fortuna, I have: (1) Thyst, (1) Zodian, (1) Amarast, (1) Goblite, (1) Universal Medallion that I cannot trade for standing. I also have (2) Noctrul and (4) Phasmin that I can trade without issue.

    In Cetus, I have: (1) Nyth, (1) Sentirum, (1) Crimzian, (1) Veridos, (1) Azurite, (1) Universal Medallion that I cannot trade for standing. I also have (6) Devar that I can trade without issue.

    My Daily Standing Cap  with each Syndicate is way above what all of the gems are worth (like I said, I'm still new).


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