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Not getting full amount of standing with Operational Supply after completing 4x4 Plague Star Mission


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I just completed a Plague Star mission and only got 575 standing with Operational Supply. We had a group of 4. One left during the last phase, then we had a host migration (my husband had been host and then it went to me) so there were just two of us. We completed the mission and when we got back to Cetus I went to Nakak and saw I only had 750 standing and that I only received 575 from completing that mission and I'm not sure why. The only thing I can come up with is the last Hemocyte moved outside of the yellow circle. We had put in 4 Eidolon Phylaxis and 4 Infested Catalyst, so I should have gotten at least 3,000 standing total. I have an F6 picture of the last mission recap, but I'm not sure how to upload it since I don't have it on a site at all. Is there a way to have the standing restored?

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