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WTB kuva lich with this mask, will literally pay thousands of plat if these requirements are met

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I need a guy that has this helmet.

Hard requirements:

-this helmet



-is not fat

-no turtle back

Soft requirements:

-zarr, ayanga, or grattler

-high element %

-good and symmetrical arms, symmetrical legs.
Example of good arms: this lich's left arm, and the left arm of the red lich in the reply, arms that look human, not mechanical or misshapen. Example of bad arms: this lich's right arm.

-has ephemera

-has syandana

-has codpiece

-bulky body

-no bad quirks like coward, deserter, paranoid etc

The more requirements met, the more I'll pay, up to 3000 plat.

IGN: Foxtrot214


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1 minute ago, Foxtrot214 said:

Sorry but while the top half of the helmet is what I'm looking for, it has an eye patch, which I don't want, and the lower half of the helmet is completely different than the one in the pic I posted.

Alright, ill see if i can find anything similar to the one you shared 

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