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Melee function being turned off almost entirely with Baruuk Exalted weapon, including his own weapon


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I have found a bug long ago with Baruuk's Exalted weapon, and i'm not entirely sure why it happens, but it makes playing with him frustrating, even though he is my favorite warframe. Only reporting this now because I thought it has been reported, only to find that the bug remains in the game for a very long time.

It happens to me entirely randomly and sometimes it happens to me many missions in a row, and sometimes I can go long periods wothout seeing it happen to me.

Essentially, what happens (or what I think is causing it), is that something causes Baruuk's weapon to turn itself off or turn on while I press my keybound melee button. What happens is, that I can no longer use ANY form of melee attack, OTHER than a slam attack! And then his last animation played constantly repeats itself, even as i'm walking around. It's especially frustrating when you are using melee based arcanes and now your build doesn't work. 


I have videos of this bug in action (only after it's started), but I don't mind trying to recreate the bug to showcase. Baruuk Exalted Weapon Bug pt. 1 You can see the animation looping at the very end of the video or if I stand still at any point, I am trying to use melee for most of this video.


Please, let me know if you guys nedd any other info. I'll do my best to help! I am also unsure if this is a thing with all exalted weapons, or just with Baruuk's weapon.


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I've had this happen numerous times. It's especially frustrating during arbitrations, because it generally cuts them short. There was a note about a scripting fix for Serene Storm in the Veilbreaker update release notes, but whatever they did didn't correct the issue.

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