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Nyx Absorb not absorbing damage


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I noticed during missions that my absorb was not dealing much damage when released.  I started paying attention to the damage counter and noticed that only the passive damage increase was counting up.  This made no sense since my build has very low power strength and enemies should be easily dealing more damage. 


i tested in simulacrum quite successfully with just about any build for nyx that I could think of.  A level 185 corrupted heavy gunner eximus was full out shooting point blank into the absorb, I was seeing damage indicators, and the absorb amount was counting by 80s.  Every once in a while a bullet or two from the barage would count (and the absorbed amount would increase by a great deal) but it was very rare.


enemies with hitscan weapons did seem to work fine though.


Here's a video showing a no-build nyx prime not absorbing from lvl 185 heavy gunners


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I noticed this bug too,

Absorb does not absorb damage, not from friendlies or enemies or AoE damage.

Enemies shooting point blank at the absorb bubble, do no damage ever.

A friend shooting multiple magazines with a soma in the bubble, triggered the absorb notifier at the top of the screen once.

With a projectile weapon the absorb never triggered once in 2 minutes of constant shooting.

It's like some mechanic is overriding or preventing the absorb functionality to trigger.


Please fix this bug, it is a serious handicap when a warframe's ultimate ability is not doing anything.

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