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Best Practices for Account Security


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Hi Tenno!

At Digital Extremes, we take your account security very seriously.

Here are some things to remember for keeping your account secure:

  • Digital Extremes will never send you an email from a public email domain (such as Gmail or Hotmail). If you receive an email claiming to be from Digital Extremes, make sure the sending address is either @warframe.com, @digitalextremes.com, or @digitalextremes.zendesk.com (this is Support’s email domain). Do not click on links in false emails, as they can lead to bad software or password stealing ‘spoof’ sites.
  • You should enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Warframe account! You can find instructions for enabling 2FA on our 2FA frequently asked questions page.

As a general rule of security, you should always use robust, unique passwords. We cannot recommend any specific programs or password managers, but we highly suggest you research reputable programs and use them to protect yourself - not just in Warframe, but for your digital security everywhere.

Stay safe out there Tenno!

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