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Hi guys Ozmourne here!


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Heyo, my names Ozmourne ingame and I just wanted to say the Beta is amazing!

First when I heard about the game on a gaming community, I thought meh they can't pull off a good online Third Person Shooter, but then I heard its from the same dudes who created one of my favorite games Dark Sector and I got curious, so I had to check it out.

My first impression for this was, wow truely epic soundtrack, on tutorial I was like this is great, the movement and feeling of shooting and using your sword is really really good for a Third Person Shooter and then I got onto the real stuff, playing with other people, getting mods, xp and all that. And I've just started to become addicted to this game and I love it.

I'm a 20 year old Pakistani-born Persian gamer from Pakistan xD (Soon off to Malaysia).

Well its time I go contribute on the forums for a good functional beta. Which already really good, lol.

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