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Loki Breaks Map Containment


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This should be known by the devs for awhile now. They started implementing a "Target Obstructed" warning when trying to switch teleport with your decoy in certain areas. Its still in Beta, so hopefully it will be fixed 100% eventually.

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This is well known; Loki can break out of anything at present. The issue has been negated somewhat (We get an Object Obstructed error if we try to Switch Teleport with a Decoy in a solid object) but it hasn't been removed completely. It is extremely simple to get on top of the collision box designed to keep you inside the open part of the level on the Outpost endless Defense missions.

This could be resolved by making a few checks.

while (Decoy.isObstructed() = true)


Decoy.moveTowardsPlayer(0.5); //Moves decoy towards player by half a metre


In those Endless Defense Missions, the Decoy could simply not spawn if it's too high on the vertical plane (i.e. It's at/past the height of the collision box)

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