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Reacharge Able Energy


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The point of non rechargable energy is to maintain the flow of the game.

If you could just wait for 30 seconds as Volt or Mag before entering every room, you could one shot all of the mobs without difficulty.

You have to be actively killing things to be able to use your powers, With your guns and melee.

Hell even with Trinity's Energy Vampire power, you still have to be shooting things.

That way abilities aren't essentially the end-all-beat-all concept of Warframe.

Your Warframe in itself is about as usefull as your other 3 equipts.

And that's what the Devs are aiming for.

In the Developer Q&A they stated that they were going to balance between Melee, Guns, and Powers.

I asked the question myself.

Where its at is fine.

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