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No Translation On Some Item\frame And Other


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i like the game much, something need to be upgraded or polished...like better see enemies..it's hard to spot them in some maps...some maps are to much dark , lack of visula info or description of object (maybe subtitles for radio message will help too), , and , expecially on new item\frame..the language isn't translated in tialian (my lang) and still in english...btw the game with little improvments will become a diamond!! good concept and of course adding more missios too is always appreciated.

Keep up the good work!!

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new map- new mission-fix chatwindow bug-fix freez map!low price of fusion

nothing more...

which chat bugs?? yesterday i chatted quite correctly...customization..well ihope will be much explained how it works in game..tired to go on site tolearn how it works :)

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