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Cant Play The Game For The Past 40Min Due To Nonstop Host Migration Process And Dc The Current Game Over And Over Again


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I dont know if this game is truly ready for an Open Beta or public release yet or anything, cause it seems that the servers cant even handle the mass that is currently on it now, it has been extremely choppy, you can shoot an enemy and nothing will show up for 5-8sec after then the damage shows, then you get massive lag spikes and the animation for anything dropping is extremely slow, say for instance you kill a mob he flings an energy orb, that energy orb takes like 5-10 sec just to land on the ground for your character to even be able to register it picking it up, and most of the time the lag from the host migration makes it to where you have to stand on that orb or anything that seems to have dropped for many sec's just to register that you have picked it up, and i noticed that alot of the loot from lockboxes and lockers and anything the credits have been cut down quite abit, and i really dont see how that will help with the balancing in the game at all due to the fact the fusion process costs a fortune to do now. I just always go with the saying, "If it's not broke, then don't fix it." That saying has many meanings in this game. i used to play SWTOR and every single time they came up with a patch or new stuff in the game, it broke numerous things in the game, and it seems like this one is falling down the same track. Why dont you just make this game a VIP membership enrollment. To where everything for the VIP is reduced, the Orokin's and Weapons and everything will be available for credits, xp earnings is higher. I seen alot of games that were F2P have a subscription fee to make the veterans have the full features of the game, to where the subs didnt have to grind and get hit the hardest out of all. But thats just a suggestion.

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