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Nanogenesis' Gameplay Feedback


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The game right now is quite fine, except for a few minor points, I wasn't pleased with

#1 The credits for buying stuff is perfect. Atleast we get to keep the equipment

#2 Platinum credits for buying extra slots for weapons shouldn't be there. Its okay to have platinum for more Warframes, IMO. Because a Warframe is more unique, as compared to weapons.

#3 Double upgrade slots for platinum credits just doesn't feel right. It feels as if those who 'pay' are overpowered.

#4 Weapon slots and Double upgrades should be charged a hefty sum and xp,milestones locked. It seems more logical that way. For example, you can only purchase more slots after your Warframe reaches level 10, and milestones like '80 enemies dismembered' are met.

#5 Hack and slash is good, but an icing on the cake would be to add a combo system, not massive like Warrior Within

(actually that would be brilliant, but massive and buggy).

#6 Performance of the game is brilliant. No complains there, it looks great as well. Although being an SLI user, I'd be pleased with some sort of SLI support, although since this is still beta, I won't complain.

#7 Slightly more maps with the "Exterminate" objective should be there, right now I've seen probably only 4 such maps.

#8 On the normal maps, the enemies spawn like crazy. For example, in this "Recover Artifact" objective, two heavy corpus walkers were constantly spawning as I was stepping into the room. A way to disable enemy spawning should be added, as it makes the game incredibly hard in solo mode. For co-op infinite spawning is fine.

#9 Usually when playing in co-op, some people just run off and collect all sorts of loot, while the person engaging the enemy isn't rewarded. I believe there should be 'Health' and 'Energy' stations, in some locations.

#10 The 'mod' pickups should be more useful, e.g. I get sooo many shotgun mods as compared to rifle/pistol mods, when most of the time I'm walking with a rifle & pistol. It can be like, the drop is of the weapon you use to kill the enemy.

#11 Manufacturing a Blueprint takes time, but it can be finished instantly using platinum credits. I believe we should be able to use 50% of the credits required to make the blueprint, to reduce the time taken by half, or atleast 1/3. It is logical for contruction of a blueprint to take time.

And thats all I can think of at the moment.

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