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—Shadow Reavers— Recruiting Low To High Ranks☻ - Limited Spots!


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Who are we?
We are a family friendly group who have day jobs but enjoy playing warframe in our down time. Most of us are living in ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ the land of kangaroos and koalas... We would love to have some more Australians aus-flag.gif join us and get on teamspeak, we find the grineer are too hard to understand.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for any Australian aus-flag.gif players that want to join an active clan and that can participate in playing a few times a week and especially when events are active.

Does age matter?
No, We have some members aged 16 (shhh don't tell DE) and others in their 80's (knightcrawler). Rank and Age is not an issue. We only want people that play, inactive accounts are just the worst.

Is your Dojo Complete?
You bloody Betcha, fully built and completely researched, no need to provide your precious resources to anything in the dojo at this stage.

I have a very talented labradoodle that can play, can he join too?
Sure, as long as he can keep up and can talk in team speak.

How many members are you looking for?
We currently have a limited number of open spots available, they do fill and empty fast, if you play the game and have some passion for it then come join us. If you like to smoke a blunt and ocasionly log into the game to winge about being demoted because you didn't participate in the last event then go eat a brownie and leave us alone.

Do I get a free set of steak knives?
Unfortunately no, but the people at DE have been kind enough to provide katanas in game.

Can I have a promotion?
Woah... slow down there sparky. Let's get to know you first and if you prove that you are indeed a valuable asset, then promotions in the clan are welcome.

Do you have a clan logo?
We sure do, look towards the top of the page. Ain't she a pretty thing?

I used to be in your clan but I became inactive due to etc...?
We will welcome you back with open arms if spots are available, PM me or KnightCrawler to get your account hooked back up.

You guys Noob friendly?
Yes, to a point, if you spend twenty minutes at spawn looking at a wall we can't help you, Although one member spent the entire game in a closet and still managed to get the most kills.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
It's our opinion about 4 logs before the lactic acid builds up too much in the woodchucks muscles and causes the woodchuck to drop wood instead.

Can we use voice chat?
Yes, we actually have a new fandangled teamspeak 3 server whatchamacallit, it's password protected to prevent incursions from anyone outside of the clan and also because i had to put a password on it. You can also use the in game voice system if you prefer or simply type into the chat windows, we are pretty good at multitasking.

PM Me onsite here, reply to this topic, Or PM KnightCrawler


  • Your in game Name

  • Age

  • Part of Australia you hail from - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This is a must <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • And a good excuse as to why you can't use teamspeak.

  • We prefer all members to have access to teamspeak to both talk and to listen to head clan members.

  • Did I Mention that we want you to be from Australia? No?.... I'm sure we did.... Yeah we did ya drongo.

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 We have limited spots remaining, Calling any australians that would like to join a friendly and somewhat funny (if i'm on that is :P) clan. Teamspeak more or less a requirement, with more being dominant. We understand some people are lazy and won't download teamspeak or can't find a $2.00 mic so we will type to them. But as most of the (sexy) action is on teamspeak we might miss you.

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