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Snipetron Melee Combo Mods?



Hey guys im somewhat new to this game and im unsure of what mods are ideal for which weapons.

Currently on my snipetron i use:


40%armor pierce


5% max ammo(just a 2point filler)

i have a 20% multishot i sometimes use aswell.

For melee i have the cronus and the skana, which i don't really like to be honest, but i feel i should have a good weapon to account for my close quarters fighting. Someone suggested i use fangs so i bought the blueprint and they will be done crafting in about 8hours.. Now for mods though im really unsure.. So i've jsut been fusing every melee mod i can find.

Right now i got:



50%charge dmg

20%fire rate

15% crit damage

5% crit

30% fire


So once again i would like to ask advice on what mods i should focus on, and, or if fangs are a good combo choice.

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For Fangs, skip charge dmg / speed, get firerate and melee dmg, armor piercing, elemental dmg mods. With increased attack speed on them you'll become a walking blender.

Atm charge attacks are better than pure melee, but fangs can hold their own. For charge you'd get something like dual heat swords.

For guns, its usually dmg / armor piercing / elemental dmg / multishot. Fire rate if its a fast weapon, clip size / reload if the weapon has small clip.

Crit mods are not generally worth it.

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