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New Mission Type Idea - Recon


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In a Recon mission, your goal is to be a space ninja. A stealthy space ninja. In space. Instead of fighting endless masses of enemies that spawn every few seconds, there's a set number of enemies at mission start - maybe 10 to 15 or so, definitely not too many. If all of these enemies are killed without setting off an alarm, or if you just don't get seen by the enemy, Extraction happens immediately and you successfully end the mission. Good job.

The player(s) will have to go along a predetermined route, as with most missions, and gather intel in the form of data. That data has to be gained from terminals. Simply stand in front of one of those terminals, and press the Use-button. No funky hacking minigame, just waiting a little bit. As if you were capturing an enemy VIP.

If the player(s) gets spotted by the enemy, they have to kill that enemy ASAP. If they fail and the enemy manages to set off the alarm of the ship, well, that's it for the Recon mission - your new goal is simply to rush to Extraction and flee before you die. Death in a Recon mission leads to immediate failure. Only death, so if you play with teammates who manage to revive you, you'll be able to move on.

The mission reward scales with success. If you get all the data and don't set off the alarm, you might be in for a special reward, or some nifty bonus cash. If you get at least half of the data, you'll have a mod guaranteed. And if you're the worst space ninja ever who gets spotted as soon as he drops in from above, well...the Lotus has a special message for you:

"We are disappointed, Tenno. Do your job properly next time."

NOTE: Recon missions don't happen against Infested.

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I was just talking in the general channel about something very similar to this. Pretty much like all of what you said with the exception of hacking - I do like the hacking and think it add's to the game.

Reward scaling is a great idea and I can see it working really well for this type of mission. To take it further, I'd like to see specialised 'stealth' equipment too - silent weapons, remote hacking perhaps, camoflage for suits, this type of stuff.

Thumbs up.

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