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Theres Nothing Left To Do.


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DE do you have some serious plans ahead with lots of new content/features/new enemies and so on?


This is not a neggative thread by far.Ill try to be contructive.But i have nothing left to do other than 2-3 mods left to max which wont make much diference anyway.

I already have maxed weapons of each main/sec/melee and tried most of them,maxed and kept those i like,which i didnt even buy with plat i made myself hence i have a good chunk of platinum left.

My frost warframe is good enough,and i dont feel the need to try new ones because its not like an mmo where each one is unique and playing a specific role,i have the same gameplay experience spam bullets into enemies regardless of warframe, my rhino is half way crafted but i dont see why id be eager to play him,does same things/uses same guns.

And i unlocked most of the planets and bosses.I dont really see what else is there to do.

Do you have any biggger plans for this game,given the immense support (founders) you get for this game?

The only potential isee in this game any further is to try and make it more open world mmo alike,or new space systems,levels/weapons and new skills not warframes with more complex systems.Theres honestly no interest to me to play other warframes.90% of the time i would be shooting same guns/melee with same weapons and occassional powers usage.

I really didnt play earlier CB and versions,but whats with all this talk about ninjas and stealth?that type of gameplay has not much use here you can attack face on and kill faster any enemies,stealth just being an option to gameplay(slower?)

If this was really ninjas/stealth we would have many silenced weapons,more bow types(since paris sucks) throwing knives,stealth killcams like crysis,cloaks etc,and enemies that actually require stealth to be killed easier or to get past.

This game is more of a co-op shooter game.Less than two weeks and theres not much left to do.

I did watch the youtube Q&A video and it sounded great what could be ingame.But that might just take all too long to even develop.

In all honesty im already bored idk why,we develop our characters way to fast,and the skills/mod system is not very complex and hard to "master" way too easy if you ask me.And by that i dont mean lower drop rates and increased mods fusing cost but more levels,harder and harder enemies,maybe some strategy/skill required to kill something right now all i do is spam bullets in the weak spots till health bar is down and enemies are dead.Not very challenging.

Proper PVP and Clans that can hold and fight over different parts of soalr system like i heard in Q&A that might gives us something to do for a while but still we need more,at least i do.

Maybe i play too much and finish all too fast(maybe i do) but thats why i play online games mostly they have usually months of gameplay before you get bored or reach endgame.And for the social interaction which this game lacks on,i dont make friends,since i can find randoms fast for a battle,we dont exchange tips and trick and strategy its all straight forward and easy.

This is just my opinion and anyone can disagree but i think you shouldnt try to keep this game with closed battle grounds.Make them bigger with a bit more exploration,maybe less indications to what to do i feel like the game is holding my hand and walk me trough the game.Afterall we jump from planets to planets there must be more to explore,and maybe some event in battles that can happen random as someone suggested in a thread here,something like while we waste some corpus a buncha grineers decide to land for some resources and crash the party and then we have to race to objective/resource/goal before they do,or in maps like the frozen ones there could be icestorm alert while we are outside and we must run to cover and go a different path to our objective/extraction.


To sum up what i try to say above i feel like what i played till now is like 20% of the game,and unless some big updates come soon or after OBT with content its gonna be a borefest for anyone once maxed weapons/warframe.

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Agreed we have wall running, ledge grabbing, slidling, sliding jumps, jump kicks, sneaking ( a whole bunch of other cool stuff also) and there's very little emphasis on any of it ingame. Once you beef up all it becomes is a simple hack'n'slash shoot em up with little depth. I love the game to death but after the initial luster wears off there's nothing to look forward to because the game becomes boring and lacks decent replayability....

Here's an example the bosses are mundane resized mobs (excluding the jackal), they move slow, the battles are boring, and they don't really do anything creative or what you'd expect from them.

I mean look at phorid all he does is hits, roars, and sometimes shoots energy things that hurt. He's also very slow and a resized runner that lacks any unique characteristics and the only way to interact with his extremely small ability set is to melee, shoot, and block. The battle lacks any interesting mechanics and feels like i'm fighting a beefed up runner who likes to scream from time to time.

Here's my idea for the phorid battle

- Phorids Big

- Phorids Hideous

- Phorids Fast

- Phorid Likes to Leap and smash where he lands (evasion/dodging required)

- Phorid will bumrush players, grab them with his teeth, maul them, then throw them. (can be evaded or dodged)

- Phorid has tendrils that extend like the ancients hands in different directions that if made contact with would wrap around the player swing them all over the place and throw them causing damage if they didn't block with their melee weapon (if blocked a slight knock back and hit to shields would be taken)

- Phorids Roar would have a Cone of Fire rather than be a zone wide AoE

- If someone stickybacks Phorid for too long and keeps meleeing Phorid would kick them with his hind legs cause a strong knockback, knockdown,and damage (if blocked a less effective knockback and hit to shields only).

- At half health ever so often Phorid will jump up and cling to the ceiling, run around up there and extend and retract his tendrils at the ground like a million sowing machines causing massive damage to players caught in the attack.

- At quarter health phorids form becomes unstable and he begins to melt leaving temporary toxic trails behind him.

See thats how i see a boss battle in warframe.

The problem is that barely any empasis has been put on the games wonderful movement and combat mechanics, there's no exciting endgame, the game makes you wander aimlessly, and there is a lack of replay value. PvP has tremendous replay value, TCGs (trading card games) have tremendous replay value (and fit in great with micro transaction systems), Minigames if done right can have a decent bit of replay value (especialy if there are many of them), and creative mechanics that cause chaos like my phorid example have loads of replay value. The current system however does not.

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Agreed, I saw the 4 pillars around the jackal and thought "Oh the game wants us to use the wall run to avoid shockwaves...Nope, not the issue.

Make bosses in unique room and arenas that the bosses then abuse in their attack patterns. IE, have a high damage out put sniper that teleports around the room, making the game part hide and seek.

Have a melee heavy boss that temporarily is able to stop you from using your guns

Have a boss that uses the room against you, like it is lined with turrets that get activated as he hides behind a blast door-guarded control room (which he opens to see if he's killed you, and that's when you can damage him)

For the infected, have giant -unique- abominations that tower a story or two tall, that have big glowy weak spots to shot (think Lost planet for reference) maybe even requiring wallrunning to do get to a vantage point to do damage.

I want more -old school- bosses, not bullet sponges, I want bosses with attack patterns, closest one we have is the Jackal and it is a step in the right direction

I know it is tough to program attack patterns for a boss when it involves more than one player, but it is possible, after playing the new guild wars 2 update (where you ahve a dungeon where the entire game is turned into an 8 bit throw back, your health is reduced to "hits" instead of raw HP) and you actually had to -dodge- attacks, watch for boss tells for their moves, whole bunch of things

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@Carper nice idea,since im an old player of vindictus i understand very well bosses there are so exciting and hard to master,even after you learn them or have good gear you still dye if you dont dodge/play it right its not easy.

You are asking if an in-development game is going to continue development.

Think about that.

Yea i understand,but you see not long ago i played this game i tried on obt black prophecy(warframe reminded me of it) and to my surprise 2 days ago when i searched about it i found out its closed wut?

So you know i am concerned since we dont really know what plans are ahead,and the current content not providing more than 2-3 weeks of play,hope you get my point.

I love the game and i really hope they can tap into its full potential,i feel like what we have now its just the tip of the iceberg,problem is will the rest of the content come in time or be developed at all,before i start searching for other online games?

I know its not easy,takes time and game needs fixes/stability and so on,but i personally im eager for more content.

Im a very impatient guy with a lot of free time so my bad if i made this thread too soon,rushing things.

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