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United Federation Of Chaos!


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Who Are We?
We are the Wicked Chaos Clan! We are a Storm Clan (Soon To Expand and Enlarge) looking for new members!


What Do We Have To Offer?
1. 100% Research!
2. All rooms built! (Note: The dojo is undergoing complete renovation but labs and new rooms are going up today and tomorrow.)
3. Active Warlords! Me and my good Warframe friend 1lusion are active on the clan daily!
4. Free items! Who doesn't want free items! Need that last Mag Prime part to complete it? Just ask one of us! We are 100% willing to help give items to complete builds! We also give mods if you don't have them! Still don't have that Split Chamber you have been farming for? Just ask up and we will hook you up! (If you are suspected of abusing of this perk you will be discharged.)
5. Many Contact abilities including an E-Mail, Twitter and Teamspeak!
Where Are We Located?
Both me and 1lusion are on the NA - East Servers!
What Are The Requirements To Join?
*shuffles papers* "..I can't seem to find the list.." *more shuffling papers*
Oh wait we don't have requirements! Just leave a comment in this post, PM either me or 1lusion on the forums and in-game (If we are online) and you will have your invite shipped express! No matter what your mastery, age, gender or if you have a pet hamster or not its a 100% free to join clan!
What Are The Clan Rules?
Every clan needs rules, but we have ours toned down to only a few!
1. Be kind to others (This applies to everyone, outside of the clan too.)
2. No inactivity for over 30 days or discharge from the clan. (If you are going on vacation or overseas for something feel free to contact one of the Warlords and we will make a note of your absence and be sure not to discharge you from the clan! This also includes just wanting to take a break from the run and grind we know as Warframe!)
3. Have fun!
Alliance opportunities?
Don't feel like joining the clan and want to stay with your own? We also have an alliance! We currently have not participated in any of the dark sector shenanigans while we wait for the dust to settle but we plan on participating!
Contact Us!
We have a clan E-Mail! wickedchaos.warframe@gmail.com
We also have a Twitter! @WickedChaos_WF (If you have a mobile phone enable "Mobile Notifications" to receive instant updates when your away from your computer!) 
Come drop in and chat on our official Teamspeak!
We plan to have a website up and running in the near future!
Active Warlords: Z3ROWOLFHD, 1lusion
Come, let us burn em to ashes!

Attention Tenno!
Calling all Ghost through Storm Clans still needing an alliance! The United Federation of Chaos is recruiting for new clans to participate in dark sector shenanigans! The only requirement is that you are a Storm Clan or Lower! (We will accept Mountain Clans IF there are 250 ACTIVE members or more!) We are also looking for Alliances who want to merge with ours and who don't have the resources we do such as teamspeak and a website! 



What Info Is Needed?


Clan Name and Rank, Clan Logo (Optional), In-Game Name Representative For Your Clan (Warlord, Officer, etc.)


Ways to Apply?


(Suggested) Leave above info down in a comment in this post!

E-Mail Above Info to: wickedchaos.warframe@gmail.com

Tweet information at: @WickedChaos_WF


Current Clan List:


(Founder Clan) Wicked Chaos; Storm Clan | Representative: Z3ROWOLFHD/1lusion

AG; Ghost Clan | Rep: munky1974


Contact us!


We have a clan E-Mail! wickedchaos.warframe@gmail.com
We also have a Twitter! @WickedChaos_WF
Come drop in and chat on our official Teamspeak!



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