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Currently in the middle of recruiting members to join our clan in order to grow and expand into the mountain and moon tier in time. Like most clans, we are mostly looking for active players but other then we have no requirement on mastery rank and such. Our Dojo is one of the largest on the server but currently under a remodel due to the new rooms added with Update 13. Pretty much a given at this tier but, all labs and research have been completed. Currently saving up money in-game for the clan emblem to be uploaded ( Future Clan Emblem / Rough idea posted above text). Can message me here on the forums or in-game when servers are up if, you want more information about joining us or just want a tour of our dojo ( love showing it off ) after the remodel is done.

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Don't really mean to bump this topic or double post but.... to let members know well those of you that read the forums I got a new job and been kinda busy currently which is why I havn't been online for awhile. Will pop on when I get the chance. Clan is still semi Active as far as I know for those wishing to join. Dojo is finished minus forma for the dueling rooms and I believe all new research has been finished (minus the last 3 spectors for Dark Sectors).

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