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Is there such a thing? A thread I made got deleted without explanation and I would rather be able to send a PM to all Mods to clarify it thru PMs than having to send a PM to each and every Moderator until I find the one who deleted/knows about the deletion.

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Probably merged.


They often try to pm you to tell you why it was locked / merged and where is it now if merged.


Sometimes, they can't because they have a lot others things to do.


Check your posts in your profile and search for the message you suspect got deleted.

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what was the topic about?


That is one of the problems.


Without the knowledge of why my thread was deleted I am risking a warning for bringing it up again. Not that I care about a warning that much, it would be my first, but it would surely piss me off quite a bit on top of recent happenings.

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