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 Prime Weapons:


Boar prime: barrel, receiver and stock

Braton prime: stock

Bronco prime: barrel and receiver

Dakra prime: blade and handle                           -------->    10p  each part

Glaive prime: disc

Latron prime: barrel, receiver and stock

Sicarus prime: barrel and bp



 Prime warframes:


Ember prime: chasis

Frost prime: helmet and sistems                          --------->  10p each part






   -Primary weapon mods:



Vital Sense

Vicious Spread




Seeking Forse                                                                -Thunderbolt ----> 15p

Ravage                                                          -----------> -ammo mutations ----> 5p each

Metal Auger                                                                    -Chargued chanber --> 15p  

Firestorm                                                                        - Firestorm --> 15p  

Critical Delay                                                                  - the other mods ---> 10 each

Chargued Chamber

Accelerated Blast

Sniper ammo mutation

Rifle ammo mutation

Shotgun ammo mutation

Arrow mutation


   -Secondary weapons mods:


Setady Hands


Ice Storm

Barrel Diffusion                                               ----------> 10p each (Barrel diffusion ---> 20p)

Targuet Cracker

Pistol ammo mutation


  -Melee mods:


Sundering Strike

Rending Strike

Power throw                                                    ----------> 10p each

Focus energy

Energy channel



  -Stance mods:


Reaping Spiral

Sundering weave                                            ---------->  15p each

Fracturing wind

Clashing forest


   Sentinel "mod" ( just ecause its the most hard to get :D)


Sanctuary                                                      -----------> 15p


    -Fusion cores:


Legendary core                                             ----------->  250 each one




( Im pendej00 in the game. So if u are interested in any of this, please pm me in game or leave a messege here to contact me)


 With hate and some love. pendej00  ^_^

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