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Dark Sectors Feedback And Ideas


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hi ! first of all, i like dark sectors, im not sure im ok with the idea, but perhaps one day we ll have a dissdent tenno faction. well.




dark sectors.


we should be able to offer other advantages rather than a low tax. rails should have a "hidden" tax of 10% minimum. keeping a rail active should bring something to the owners, a reason to fight for it :)


being able to boost the bonuses and the enemy spawn could be a huge interest, you come on this rail because the dudes who have it make a special design like



-more elites

-modified rates

-specific enemy spawn


this way, the tax should be a minimal downside, and could permit the rails and the alliances/guild to grow AND reward more on battle times. imho we could have an option to donate more, ie :


im a big fan of their orientation, i want to donate more, but the tax is only 10%. you cold have arrows to setup your own tax, bigger that the base one, some of us are running missions for mods only, or affinity, or even fun ! we should have a way to show that.


now dark sectors battles :


i realise this is a very early stage, but before anything, this is great, i like it. if phantoms could have specific drops tied to their setup it would be great. the only problem is : if you use them to defend your rail ... you expose yourself to phantom farming. not sure this is a smart idea. i have nothing to propose yeat, so ill wait a bit


the phantoms themselves are really fun. perhaps they could use more powers and block a little bit less. imho each fight should be a real duel, rhino not using iron skin is sad. on the contrary ... trinity over using A SUPER MEGA LINK that totally one shot you when you come with your perfect loadout is horrible. if a mate shoot her while you melee, you re dead. 100%.


in summary :


ember : should cast more aoe that we have to avoid. she could use her ult, this is not a total gamebreak.

frost : more icewaves, perhaps bubbles ? if he had a visual indication that he is channeling an ult, he could even use it :)

rhino : he should ironskin. really.

excal : not bad !

loki : is a prick. perfect.

trin : less link. she could use blessing more imho, it would force us to stun her and clear the surroundings :)


i only ran hieracon so i dont really now how they scale, but based on that :


their effective health is good they live something like 5 to 10s, nice. breaking their guard is really hard though. wasting a slot on parry really make me feel sad. perhaps one day we ll have dedicated mechanic slot ? like 2 new slots, when you can only put non damaging abilities ?


they do not move enough. they never slide, never wallrun or jump shoot, i suppose this is too young to ask that yet :) i ll wait to see kubrow pathing routine and stuff before judging :)


the objective could offer an extermination bonus, like killing 4 super elite phantoms, like an opponent squad :) again, perhaps a bit too early


anyway, this is great, congrats.

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