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Game Crashes When Accessing Eximus Entries In The Codex


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A brief forum search in this sub-forum didn't turn anything related up yet, so here it is.

I am periodically checking the codex for the Eximus entries.

So far, I had the game crash to desktop three times.

It seems random on loading entries.

Retrying the same entry (at least to the best of my memory in those cases) doesn't reproduce the error with a particular entry.

I am running the 64bit version of Warframe in DX11 mode (up to date) on Windows 7 64bit (up to date) with an AMD FX 6100, 8 GB DDR RAM, an AMD Radeon HD 6790 with 1GB DDR5-GRAM and up to date Catalyst drivers. No issues prior to U13.

I also had the codex entry to be empty, just with a spotlight and some background. No textbox, no model. At least then it had a back button, though and reloading the entry was successful.

This also seemed to have been introduced with U13.

Thanks for your time.

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