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In Game Mouse Sensitivity?



currently im experiencing a bug where my mouse sensitivity is about half as responsive while im playing warframe as compared to the speed on my desktop. warframe. this is very noticeable both in the menus and while running missions ive checked all the in game settings and the only sensitivity setting is aiming sensitivity and its either changing it very little or not at all. does anyone have a suggestion or a workaround?



edit: also restarting my game dosent seem to help either

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I was having the same problem. Changing my resolution to something more acceptable really helped me, as did making sure my drivers were not outdated. This did wonders for me, anyway.


Edit: If you have NVIDIA like I do, you can optimize the game settings from the Experience launcher. That might be a good start.

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hmm I changed the game to borderless fullscreen rather than fullscreen and the mouse started working normally again but I hadn't changed display settings before this in weeks and this problem just popped up today when I first logged in wonder what exactly caused it

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