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<Selling Prime Set, Prime Parts And Mods> °▼°

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Hey guys. Im selling prime set, prime parts and mods here. The price will be friendly XD

Prime set:

Orthos prime whole set ( you offer the price)

Prime parts:

Dakra prime blueprint (20 platinum)

Burston prime barrel (15 platinum)

Burston prime stock (5 platinum)


rare mods are 10~15 platinum, stance mods you offer the price.


accelarated blast

energy channel

fired up


focus energy

ice storm

lethal torrent

reflex guard


rending strike

wild fire


burning wasp

fracturing wind

reaping spiral

orthos prime is quite rare nowadays and is really hard to get. It only has chance of 5% in the void. The mods can be a bit expensive but this is not the final price we can always deal and make it cheaper.

Ifyou are interested, please send a friend request on warframe. Very sorry but i can only trade after 24th april because i have some work to do. Sende a friend request, i will accept it and as we meet, we can trade in my clan. If you think its expensive, please tell me and we can have some deals. Thank you!

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