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New Warframe Ideas


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I Think there should be a warframe named: "Arora"  as in the Arora Borealis.

Her number 1 would be she rushes a short distance forward in a Snake pattern, harming those she hits and leaving a trail of light that damages those who walk into it (Trail goes away after a few minutes)

Her number 2 makes her desolidify for a few seconds, allowing her to be immune from harm.

Her number 3 makes clones to mimic her. For no dots is 5 clones, then 10 for 1 dot, then 15 for 2 dots, and 20 for 3 dots. The clones have 1 point of health and will give a small explosion when they die, either from harm or time. The clones will also mimic her movements exactly, but do no damage. They also go through walls and don't fall down chasms unless you do.

Her number 4 creates curtains of light that will go around her. She cannot be hurt when doing this but cannot shoot or melee until done. She will also absorb some of the damage she does and heal her shields. After she finishes she will have supercharged abilities if she uses one in the next few seconds.

She will have great shields but not very good health. She will also be fast. (P.S., ability visual looks like Arora Borealis in some way) 

If anyone makes her as an actual Warframe, I would REQUEST (not demand) that I get one.

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