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Couple Of Bugs


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Ever since U13, my dojo's grandest hall has had several of our decorations on the ground floor level disappear. I have since replaced them and they disappeared again. I doubt it was any of my dojo's members since none of them have the authority to delete objects. This is only happening in the grandest hall while the rest of the dojo is fine (we have all the rooms built). It's strange because only the decorations nearest the middle of the room and by the doors are missing. There are decorations on the upstairs portion and touching the side walls that are still there. Any idea what's going on?


Another thing would be the warframe models on the arsenal screen. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but sometimes you can't spin your warframe after playing for awhile. I can spin around my sentinel but not my warframe. Some of my friends gets stuck immediately after the game starts. It's not terribly important but I would like to see my entire warframe when coloring and whatnot.


Finally, sometimes when playing a mission on a certain planet, I get reverted back to a totally different planet after the mission is completed. Ex. playing a mission on Eris and then when the mission ends, I'm set back to Mars or somewhere random. This happens to me and my friends no matter who is hosting or if we are all looking at the same planet. Again, not game breaking but a tad bit annoying.



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