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Now that we have Invasions and Dark Sectors, there's so much going on around the universe. It's crazy how dynamic the solar map is, I mean seriously just take a moment and absorb everything that is going on: http://deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html

With that said, now that we have all of this other stuff, alerts feel boring and outdated. We have invasions, and alerts are just one shot missions with the same objectives. Now don't get me wrong, alerts have a niche in this dynamic system, definitely. With all of these giant dynamic campaigns the races are doing across the map, it's nice to have a single focused mission pop up occasionally too, and for that reason you should embrace the unique single mission aspect of it.

Keep the current alert reward tables, but these missions should have unique dialogue and unique objectives. Darvo was an excellent start. They should have unique hardships, maybe throw in a nightmare modifier half way through the mission or something. It also makes sense that these be given by individuals, or small factions rather than entire races, because they are essentially contracts, or bounties. For this reason it might be neat to tie this change in with the upcoming Proxy War between the Oracles and the Red Veil.

Sure you might only have ten or twenty of these missions pulled out of a hat at first, creating some repetition, but that'd be fine - you can add more over time, and they would be different than our normal missions in some way. It'd mix it up a bit, it'd embrace the single shot aspect of an alert, and it'd keep alerts relevant.

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