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Stat Tab - Reflect Changes

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Would it be possible to implement a tab that would show how the duration, damage, and range of your skills change depending on your saved mod load out?


There are times in a game where I can see a countdown time for some skills but it only shows up <30% of the time and thats only one stat.


There are other stats that I would like to see to easily visualize the changes I'm making.


Adding in corrupted mods and having to add or subtract % every time I want to try a build is inconvenient. 


It would be nice to see an Avg DPS number for a Rhino stomp or WoF/ other equipped skills, crits aside, also.




Range (m)

Energy Cost per skills (factoring efficiency)



Helping know these not only shows players how effective the changes they are making but assist in build making. 

Knowing, not eyeball estimating, that you could go without an extra 15% increase here or that any more range would be useless for you makes all the difference.


This is my first time posting, I hope this is the right section if not let me know. Hopefully with all of our ideas and input we can help make Warframe an even better game.

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