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Couple Problems With Ui


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some of the things are a repeat of what other players are asking



Recent players tab is missing option to invite to group



When picking up a frame/weapon it would be nice if we could change/rename the load out names and to have them displayed next to warframe/weapon


nekros - load out A (or if we could change the names of load outs - nekros - desecrate spam)

soma - load out B ( or soma - grineer)

This would helps us organize our frames /weapons and serve as a reminder before mission when selecting our gear



Right click options from chat names in the left window(talk invite ignore)

This is a must ,there are some ppl that have weird names and sometimes there will 2 or more ppl that have similar names in players list menu on the right side

pls add this 



Ability to create squads on the main solar system menu without the need of selecting mission 1st

and also ability to choose keys to use as a mission of choice by players other than the host



I invite 3 players to my group

Player nr 2 selects his tier 2 mobile defense - 3 other player click and confirm his mission selected - tier 2 mobile defense mission start



Mods equipped on sentinel should be marked.

With current auto fix system it would be nice if they were marked somehow with some type of icon (similar to the  one that the currently equipped mods have.



When minimizing the chat window it should minimize into  a square not into a multi tab. 

Functionality of the chat before u13 was better overall and should be reverted , the 3 icons with clan and friends and recent players was very functional and esthetically pleasing .New friends/clan options in the top menu are fine as well but both top option from u13 and chat windows from u12 should be added together.



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